Program Objectives:

1. Prepare participants for successful completion of an APTA Neurologic Residency Program or specialization in Neurologic Physical Therapy. 
2. Refine skills in clinical reasoning, movement analysis, and use of standardized assessment tools for individuals with neurologic related impairments, activity and participation limitations.
3. Synthesize and interpret clinical findings, external evidence and knowledge of neuroanatomy to establish an accurate diagnosis and to design an effective intervention strategy based on prognosis. 
4. Design intervention programs that maximize participation in functional activities to promote recovery that includes the entire body
5. Demonstrate evidence-based practice by integrating patient preference, external evidence, and clinical judgment in patient management. 
6.  Produce highly skilled patient care providers for patients who have neurologic related conditions
7. Develop, define, and justify appropriate therapy parameters based on current motor control, motor learning, and principles of exercise and neuroplasticity literature. 
8. Create mentors for building the next generation of Clinical Specialists in Neurologic Physical Therapy.

Who Should Attend

Licensed Physical Therapists can attend these courses.  Courses are appropriate for clinicians enrolled in neurologic residency programs, clinicians preparing for the NCS exam (curriculum covers the Neurologic Description of Specialty Practice) or individuals who are interested in advancing their practice for persons with neurologic impairments. 


The full consortium consists of 27 webinars and 8 days of on-site coursework (in Los Angeles). Additional options for 27 or 10 webinars are also available. All programs and participants may access the Journal Club. 

Webinars are held each Tuesday from 5:30-7:30 PST from June until December. On-site coursework is divided into two four-day sessions in the late summer and fall.  All webinars are recorded and available until the following June if you cannot participate live. Please contact Stephanie Kaplan or Jana Landel at to find out if space is available for the full consortium. 

Journal Club is hosted by residency program faculty from January until July. 

Continuing education certificates are provided to the registrant from the state of California. 


Full Consortium- Resident*    -- $2600
26-webinars- Resident*           -- $1275
10-webinars- Resident*           -- $675
Full Consortium- Community-- $3200
26-webinars - Community      -- $1450
10-webinars- Community       -- $775                                                                                                                                                                                  
Mentoring -                                --$200
*To qualify for the resident pricing, you must be enrolled in a Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program.